Portfolio Management

Portfolio management
Portfolio management is a process of creating and maintaining a portfolio of different assets in accordance with the stated goals of the client. Since this process is time-consuming, many investors make efforts to invest their capital in the hands of investment experts who are doing their job professionally.

Portfolio has a lot of advantages which are summarized as follows:
1. Utilization of professional and experienced manpower
2. Efficient and effective management of the portfolio using scientific mechanisms
3. Structural management of portfolio considering the degree of risk-taking by investors
4. Avoiding emotional behavior with rational management
5. Reduction in the risk of mismanagement through a vast number of supervisory bodies
6. Thorough supervision by the Securities & Exchange Organization
7. Decision-making to buy and sell stocks based on full knowledge of the companies through many years of experience
8. Special services to clients with proprietary portfolio including evaluation reports, fundamental and technical analysis and so on. 
The department of stock advisors’ portfolio with a focus on management team, a belief in knowledge-based teamwork, benefit from top university graduates in related fields, along with a concentration on financial markets and efforts to increase information efficiency and the use of the potential of various experts; tries to gain the most from the market share and targets the highest efficiency in the area of portfolio management.

Moshaveran Saham Portfolio Management Return

Using a scientific and principled management, the portfolio management of Moshaveran-e-Saham Brokerage Co. in the past two years has achieved greater market return and total index ; so that the minimum risk has incurred for this yield. And this is despite the fact that many of its shareholders who are not directors of their portfolios not only have obtained no profits but also have suffered losses. The following diagrams show the efficiency of portfolios and the estimated total index:

The green diagram shows Moshaveran Saham portfolio management return and the blue diagram shows the Overall Index return.
The department for portfolio in the Moshaveran Saham Brokerage Co. is ready to provide the necessary portfolio management services for clients by phone or in person.
 For more information, please contact the phone number +98-21-88718408.

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